About Me


I'm Mike Tully, founder of Web 3D Studio. Nice to meet you.

I set up Web 3D Studio in 2004 with my friend Bill Tseng, to develop interactive 3D content online. We were lucky enough to work with companies such as Sony and Philips, creating award-winning online virtual presentations of their products. However, the technology and graphic capability of hardware at the time meant that interactive 3D was a very niche product that hadn't penetrated the mass market.

Bill started up his own business and I began creating more traditional product animations and visuals. I soon became known as a reliable partner for digital agencies and product-based companies needing high-quality 3D content.

I have been involved with the marketing and design of many thousands of products, working with companies across the globe.

With game engines such as Unreal and Unity breaking onto the scene, I have also been able to tap back into the roots of the company and start developing interactive 3D content again, offering our clients exciting new ways of engaging with their audiences.

In addition to my 3D work I am a keen woodworker and enjoy designing and building furniture. My favourite build so far has been a large, free-standing bar for a coffee roastery, the visual for which can be seen in the Product Visuals section of the website.  My experience of furniture construction gives me an understanding of how items are designed and built for the real-world and provides me with an edge when working on technical animations.

If you are a company looking to create a product animation; a digital agency looking for a 3D partner; or if you have any questions on 3D content creation, then please do get in touch, I would love to help.



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