Interactive 3D

I utilise the technology behind the world's most popular computer games to provide our customers with interactive 3D applications. Interactive 3D can be used to:

- Allow customers at an exhibition to spin, explode and explore your product on a touch screen.
- Train and teach by 'gamifying' the assembly/usage instructions.
- Create Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality simulations to demonstrate an architectural space, or to let your clients learn about your product.

Interactive 3D applications can be published across all major platforms, including: Windows, Mac, Android and IOS, for both mobile and desktop.
I'd love to work with you on interactive 3D to take your training and marketing material to the next level.

Interactive 3D Demo

With interactive 3D you can let your audience explore and take apart your product in real-time. Interactive 3D is a great tool for training, providing an immersive and safe tool to teach assembly and maintenance. It is especially useful when learning how to operate dangerous machinery virtually without any of the physical risks.

Augmented Reality (AR) Castleify Demo Application

Augmented reality lets you overlay 3D graphics on to the real world. The perfect tool to demonstrate a concept product to customers or to create an engaging marketing tool. 

Web 3D Studio